Full Service Public Works – Developer Contractor – Home Owner

We have expertise in a wide variety of services. We have completed the following major projects as a Prime contractor:

  • Town of Prescott Valley Chip Sealing, street construction & widening, repaving existing streets, installing new stormwater infrastructure, water main and realignments, sewer mains, and manholes.
  • Viewpoint Connector 
  • Viewpoint At Spouse Intersection
  • Outer Loop Rehabilitation
  • Glassford Hill Rd At Long Look Intersection 
  • R 10 – Road widening; 7 miles, Skull Valley to Kirtland, AZ
  • Yavapai County Chip Seal, on-call drainage, road repair, and stormwater structures
  • Lake Havasu City Chip Seal, Lake Havasu City, AZ
  • Sundog Landfill Maintenance, City of Prescott, AZ
  • Town of Jerome, Clark Street Water line replacement.

Major Projects completed as a Subcontractor: 

  •  Prescott Valley Landings
  • Ocean Blue Car was both in Prescott & Prescott Valley
  • Hilton Gardens Inn, Prescott
  • Circle K, Glassford Hill Rd
  • Circle K, Navajo Rd
  • Loves Travel Stop Cordes Junction
  • Outer Loop Rehabilitation
  • Yavapai Community College Paving
  • Tractor Supply Company Prescott, 2014  site preparation
  • Basis School Prescott, 2014 site preparation
  • Prescott Christian Church New parking lot and offsite
  • Little Dealer Little Prices ( RV Dealership) – Complete site prep.